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What Are The Penalties For Distributing Drug Paraphernalia?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Drug Crimes |

We all know possessing drugs is a crime. What many do not understand is that drug paraphernalia can also generate charges.

According to federal law, you may not give someone tools that enable taking drugs, even free of charge. Refrain from handing someone an item that could create suspicion. If you do, you may need legal services.

Types of drug paraphernalia

Pipe crafters use many different materials. Wood, stone, and glass are popular. A suspect has little to worry about if smoking tobacco is the sole purpose of the device in question. Water pipes are tougher to justify owning. Evidence of illegal residue is likely to result in authorities arresting someone.

Cigarettes containing marijuana, known as joints, are sometimes held with roach clips. Using one assures that fingers do not burn during smoking.

Cocaine takers carry spoons for sniffing. Smaller ones may endure heavier suspicion.

Some states classify other items as paraphernalia. Scales and syringes are two examples. Strength testers and chemicals associated with the dilution of narcotics are others.

Penalties for distributing drug paraphernalia

Punishments are less severe than those that come from selling narcotics. Even still, peddling drug paraphernalia could get someone up to three years in prison. This incarceration term could be on top of a more substantive drug possession charge. If an indictment involves selling to a minor, a judge is bound to hand down a harsher sentence. Laws about paraphernalia vary by state.

Drug charges of all types can negatively impact your life. Ones involving paraphernalia are no exception. Avoid situations where someone could interpret personal items as serving an illicit purpose.