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Strong Defense Against An Order For Protection Or Harassment Restraining Order

An order for protection (OFP) is issued in response to an accusation against a family or household member of assault, threats of violence, criminal sexual conduct or interference with an emergency call. While OFPs are intended to protect victims against harm, in many cases, the person named in an OFP is the victim of a false accusation. Furthermore, if an OFP is issued against you the law prohibits you from possessing firearms.

Frequently, an OFP prevents you from staying in your home or having any contact with your spouse and children. Its prohibition against contact with the protected persons frequently includes all forms of communication including telephone calls, text messages, emails, social media and third-party contacts. OFP’s typically remain in effect for up to two years, but can be issued for a period of up to 50 years.

A harassment restraining order (HRO) provides for many of the same protections, but is different from an OFP in that it does not require the alleged victim (the petitioner) and the alleged perpetrator (the respondent) to have a domestic relationship. An individual may petition for an HRO following a single incident of physical or sexual assault or nonconsensual dissemination of private sexual images, or repeated incidents of intrusive or unwanted acts, words or gestures that have a substantial adverse effect on the safety, security, or privacy of another.

It is against the law to purchase or possess firearms when an order for protection is pending against you. It is important to consult with a criminal defense lawyer immediately to avoid additional criminal charges. Call 952-466-6718 to schedule a free consultation.

OFP’s frequently are used to gain an upper hand in a divorce or custody dispute, or as a form of retaliation following a domestic dispute or separation. Moreover, violations of OFP’s and HRO’s are criminal offenses punishable by jail or prison and fines. It is critical to respond to an OFP or HRO immediately by enlisting the assistance of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. At Bass Law Firm, PLLC, I have more than 30 years of experience, including numerous cases defending clients against OFP’s and HRO’s.

If You Are Served With An Order For Protection Or Harassment Restraining Order

If you are served with an OFP or HRO, you will be required to appear in court if you want to contest it. There are numerous strategies that are available to defend against an OFP or HRO depending upon the facts involved.

Once you enlist my help, I will review the facts of your case to determine if domestic abuse or harassment actually occurred and whether it is possible to have the order dismissed. The important first step is to contact an attorney who understands how to defend against these orders.

Call 952-466-6718 or use my online contact form to schedule a free consultation. I represent individuals in Dakota County and throughout the southern metro area from my office in Burnsville, Minnesota.